Our Story



Our founders are mothers – the apprehensive mother. Some say ‘over-protective’. Thus, it becomes a way-of-life to select and use ONLY the best ingredients and natural from the mother earth.


She is the brain-master. The idea and brand formulator, and serve as the CEO of the company. Her mother is a Filipino, hence the idea of ‘Sumanggi’. Her mother has shown her the very distinctive characteristic to select the very basic and natural blend for her children as a natural healing. The passion heightens to come out with their own formula when the Founder-A became a mother herself.




She is the technical-master. Been running spas throughout her entire life, she has been involves with body massage and natural oils for the past decades. She believes that ONLY with natural products can we help the community and not forgetting our beloved earth. When she met the Founder-A, she quickly assimilates with her idea to collaborate and combining their expertise.

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