Hi Parents !

Are you facing challenges of one of these ?

  • you don’t get enough sleep as your baby’s frequently night awakenings
  • you’ve read so many articles, books, Googled information on baby sleep and now getting even more confused about what’s right for YOUR baby
  • you’re not sure what you’re doing wrong
  • you’re stressed out about the daily bedtime battles
  • you’re not happy with breastfeeding or rocking your baby to sleep anymore
  • you’re looking for an alternative option to the cry-it-out method
  • you want to learn how to help your baby self-settle
  • you want someone to show you exactly what to do to make sleep easy and restful.

How About ?

  • your baby colicky
  • your baby facing a hard time for bowel movement
  • your baby cranky most of the time
  • your baby cry most of the time
  • your baby showing the ‘baby stress sign’
  • you are having a hard time to console your baby
  • YOU are stress!

Well lucky you. That’s exactly what Sarah & Maziana can do for you.

With a proven method and techniques, this is an easy hands-on class to teach you on how to overcome all the challenges above.

With a small investment of RM128 per pair (for you, your partner & your baby), you will be able to understand more on how to be an understanding and skillful parents that lead to a happy family. Yeay!!!


Sounds comforting? We understand, because we are parents too.
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For payment purposes, please bank in or bank transfer it to:
MAYBANK: 5123 0762 0247

Please submit the proof of payment to hello@ayden.com.my.

Attention: Ms Fateng, Baby Sleeps Class.