Giving an oil massage to your baby is very important. But what is more important is choosing the right oil.

A gentle stroke can do wonders to your baby – it can calm your little one’s skin or ease her tummy, and even give her proper nourishment. And all this depends on the type of oil you pick. Massage time is a great way to bond with baby. Make sure you make the most of it. Spend a few minutes each day with baby by giving massage. In addition to any other benefits, it will help strengthen the lovely bond you will share forever.

Our Products

Baby Massage Oil (Pink Rose)

Enriched with Sesame Seed Oil, Watermelon Seed Oil, Black Olive Seed Oil essentials specialised in moisturizing and improve skin texture using its healing and antioxidant properties.

Baby Hair Oil (Pink Rose)

Uniquely formulated with Coconut Oil essentials, excellent for skin moisturizing and locks in skin moisture, leaving cooling effect to baby’s head and scalp.

Baby Telon Oil

Prevents bloating in the baby, stimulate baby nerves, improve digestive system performance & warm the body. It restricts the formulation of gas and helps to eliminate the gas that has already formed in the intestines.

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